The Wedding Garden Company - Making your Wedding Blossom

Price List For Trees and Plants




Weeping Pear Pyrus salicifolia 'Pendula'. £55.00
Standard Bay Tree Evergreen tree with glossy, aromatic leaves. £60.00
Amelanchier Canadensis Gardener's delight. Suitable for a small garden. from £24.75
Mini Orchard Apple, Pear, Cherry, Medlar, Damson. £150.00
Fruiting Quince A decorative tree with beautiful pale pink flowers. £55.00
Camellia Japonica

Red double flowers, shiny dark green evergreen leaves.

£39.00 large

Wedding Cake Tree A wonderful tree with layered branches and clusters of small white flowers in summer.

£45.00 small

£55.00 large

Strawberry Tree A small tidy evergreen tree with glossy leaves and white "heatherbell" flowers in autumn. from £19.50
Japanese Maple Beautifully shaped tree with red-purple flowers in spring.

£30.00 small

£55.00 large

Flowering Cherry A much sought-after dwarf flowering cherry. £48.00
Dwarf Weeping Willow
A lovely shaped tree with oval green leaves which are grey underneath.
Magnolia Grandiflora Beautiful evergreen tree with large boat like bright green leaves. £55.00


King James

A new cultivar which bears fruits earlier. £37.50
Damson A small reliable tree with white blossom in spring and small blue-black fruits in autumn. £48.00
Calamondin Orange
White scented flowers and bears small oranges. £35.00
Citrus Lemon This variety is crossed with a lime and gives a well-flavoured fruit. £49.50
Fig Long lived with large sculptured leaves, figs are one of the most delicious fruits.

£35.00 small

Robina Psuedoacacia Delicate leaflets with dence bushy head. £48.00
Box Balls 30-40cm diameter. £35.00