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Example client list

Millie Crosby and Henry Priory

Below you can check the progress of your list. We will send you a presentation Card with details of all the gifts and the accompanying messages a few days before your wedding. In this way you will have a token of your presents - all of which will be delivered later. However, please note that some guests shop at the very last minute and so we can not guarantee that the card list is always 100% accurate. We therefore suggest you check this list for any final gifts.

Product / Plant Purchased By Quantity
Garden Products
Basket Lily 0 of 4 Sold
Felco No 2 Secateurs Sold Out
  Ann Other:   1
Garden Fork 0 of 1 Sold
Hempston Dovecote Sold Out
  Ann Other:   1
One pair white doves 0 of 2 Sold
Swaffham lead planter Sold Out
  Ann Other:   2
Garden Plants
Camellia 0 of 3 Sold
Clematis Royalty Sold Out
  Ann Other:   1
Daffodils Sold Out
  Ann Other:   2
  John Suffolk:   2
Fushsia 0 of 3 Sold
Hydrangea 3 of 4 Sold
  John Suffolk:   3
Lavander 5 of 10 Sold
  John Suffolk:   5
Rose Honeymoon 0 of 1 Sold
Rose Peace 0 of 1 Sold
Rosemary Sold Out
  John Suffolk:   1
Viburnum 0 of 1 Sold