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Example gift list


Here is your friend's wedding list. Please choose a gift and then contact The Wedding Garden Company office with details of your choice. Email: or telephone 01588 680 280

Please make cheques payable to 'Wedding Garden Company'. You may also pay via Paypal, in which case, please give us your email address too when you phone.

We will need the following information when you contact us: the couple's name, your name, your gift choices, your telephone number and also, a personal greeting to your friends. If you happen to get the office answerphone please leave us as much information as possible so we can reserve your present. Thank you.

Please note that your friends will be sent details of your gift and message on our Wedding Card, which will be posted to the couple in time for the big day.


Presents Quantity
Garden Products
Basket Lily [Details] 4 £44
Felco No 2 Secateurs [Details] Sold Out £46
Garden Fork [Details] 1 £68
Hempston Dovecote [Details] Sold Out £300
One pair white doves [Details] 2 £65
Swaffham lead planter [Details] Sold Out £440
Garden Plants
Camellia [Details] 3 £15
Clematis Royalty [Details] Sold Out £14
Daffodils [Details] Sold Out £40
Fuchsia [Details] 3 £8
Hydrangea [Details] 1 £10
Lavander [Details] 5 £8
Rose Honeymoon [Details] 1 £12
Rose Peace [Details] 1 £14
Rosemary [Details] Sold Out £8
Viburnum [Details] 1 £15