The Wedding Garden Company - Making Your Wedding Blossom
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Getting married?... What's on your wedding gift list?

Be different! Ask your guests to give you a garden!

The Wedding Garden Company encourages you to have plants, trees and
garden-related products, and even designs, as wedding presents. We then create your on-line wedding gift list and manage it in the normal way.

You have a garden already?

Why not have it transformed to mark your wedding. Your guests will be entranced by the thought of giving you a beautiful rose, a fragrant honeysuckle or a spectacular tree. You can then continue to enjoy these souvenirs of your wedding for years to come as they grow and blossom with your marriage!



To view our wide range of trees and shrubs, click here.

'You may like to stay with us for an anniversary present list - or perhaps a christening list! We don't stop at wedding bells, we are happy to help celebrate any jolly event.'