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Maybe you have a new garden to fill, an old garden in need of a face-lift, a single bed that you wish to create (a wedding bed!), a wood to fill with daffodils, a field to fill with fruit trees, or a simple, paved courtyard in which to place a pot or two brimming with lavender. Whatever you have, we can build a wedding gift list to suit you.

We have three options:

Simple List
This is the simplest solution and the one to choose if you are clear about what you need and can send us a list. For those new to gardening you might want to consider the brilliant Bed in a Box idea. Please give us a ring to register first, then post or email your list the simplest way, by going to My List and then choosing Making Your List (remember to have a look at the garden products too). We will then take responsibility for liaising with your guests in the usual way, as described on the How it Works page.

Garden Plan Gift List ExampleAdvised List
If you would like some help with compiling your gift list, then we can visit you to explore possibilities. On a visit we will discuss your ideas for the garden, whilst considering what plants are already established.

Designed List
This is for you if you want a complete garden design; which you may like to have as a wedding present. It could involve three or four half, or full days work (depending on the size and locality). The first is to visit to talk about your ideas for your garden. Then we will measure up the plot in preparation for working on a scale drawing and designs (click here to see an example design). A second visit is usually a couple of weeks later when you will be shown the plan and planting lists for you to approve. This planting list is the basis for your wedding present list. The Wedding Garden Company will then manage the on-line wedding list as explained in the How it Works page.

Star Service
The Star Service is available to clients who have, either substantial sized gardens, or whose garden plans are extensive, please ask for more details.

Other Options
For other options including one-off gifts, click here.

If you know which of these options you would like, please register on-line. If you're not sure which one would be best for you, just give us a ring on 01584 878878 and we will talk it through with you. See an example of what the lists look like: Guest List, Client List