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Even before The Wedding Garden Company’s official launch, we received enthusiastic coverage by Elspeth Thompson, writing in The Sunday Telegraph, 25th August, 2002:

Elspeth Thompson - Urban GardenerI went to a wedding last weekend where the bride and groom, both keen gardeners, had made it known that they'd like to receive plants for the garden as presents. This struck me as a very suitable and sensible idea; most of my friends have married when well into their thirties, by which time they already own all the saucepans and salad bowls they are ever likely to need, and often twice over at that. Rather than the traditional wedding list, you could visit a website with a list of the couple's most desired plants as gifts, or send a cheque as an overall contribution.
This inspired idea not only ensures that the couple will, unlike so many others, actually get what they want; it will also provide them with lasting enjoyment and memories of their wedding long after many of the more usual gifts have been broken or lost. They are creating an entire new section of the garden for these plants, and the planning and planting of this 'Wedding Garden' will be an exciting project for the autumn; the delivery of the plants has been timed to coincide with their return from honeymoon.

And then a year later, Elspeth Thompson wrote again, on September 14th 2003:

Last summer I wrote about a wedding I’d attended where the bride and groom, both keen gardeners, had let it be know that they’d like to receive plants a present. Rather than the traditional list, there was a website with a selection of plants (and a chain saw!) favoured by the couple – you could either pick a gift yourself or pledge a contribution towards the total. I struck me as a brilliant idea – particularly as so many people get married already in possession of all the saucepans and salad bowls they are ever going to need. The couple returned from honeymoon ready to plant their ‘wedding border’ and will have a lasting memory of the family and friends who contributed.
Sunday Times Article Kate Crosby, the garden designer responsible for co-ordinating the list, has since set up the Wedding Garden Company to enable other couples to do the same. She will also cater for christenings, anniversaries and other occasion (anyone for a 25th wedding anniversary border of silver and grey plants?), and can also suggest flowers, table decorations and so on that could have an ‘afterlife’ in the garden.

Alison Cork from the Evening Standard Homes & Property wrote on 25th February in The really useful column:
Love grows ~ Are you looking for a creative wedding present that is also practical and long-lasting? The Wedding Garden Company has a gorgeous selection of plants, gifts and design ideas for the happy couple’s garden.

We have also had features in Cosmo Bride; Garden Illustrated; Elle; House and Garden; Country Living.


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