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Trees and Plants

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Weeping Pear

Pyrus salicifolia 'Pendula'


Graceful lance-shaped grey leaves, with delicate flowers in spring followed by small fruit in late summer.

A wonderful specimen tree with an elegant weeping aspect.

Height and spread in 10 years

2.5m x 2m




Amelanchier canadensis

With a profusion of star-shaped white flowers in early summer and pretty flame-coloured leaves in autumn, this tree is rightly prized as

a gardener's delight.


Suitable for a small garden.

Hardy, likes sun or semi-shade and a well-drained soil.





Spindle Tree

A delightful small bushy tree with delicate flowers and leaves that turn a spectacular red in autumn. Carmine pink fruits open to reveal orange seed pods

Suitable for small gardens and containers.

Helpful to wildlife.




Wedding cake tree

cornus controversa variegata

A wonderful tree with layered branches and clusters of small white flowers in summer. Bright green leaves with broad creamy margins. In autumn the leaves turn a golden yellow.

A slow growing grafted tree, it needs sun or semi shade and fertile well drained soil.

Height and spread in 10 years 2m x 2m


Strawberry tree

Arbutus Unedo

A small tidy evergreen tree with glossy leaves and white "heatherbell" flowers in autumn, followed by strawberry-like fruits. A great all-rounder and looks good in winter.

Suitable for a small garden or containers. Hardy, likes sun and well-drained fertile soil.

Height and spread in 10 years

3m x 3m.



Japanese Maple

Acer palmatum ‘Atropurpurea

Beautifully shaped tree with red-purple flowers in spring and purple leaves which turn brilliant red in autumn.



Best in a sheltered spot protected from the wind. Suitable for a small garden. Likes sun or semi-shade, fertile well-drained soil preferably neutral to acid.

Height and spread in 10 years 2m x 3m


Dwarf Weeping Willow

Salix caprea 'Kilmarnock'

A lovely shaped tree with oval green leaves which are grey underneath. Yellow catkins are borne in springtime.

Suitable for a small garden or container, it makes a wonderful focal point in any garden.

Height and spread in 10 years 2m x 1.5m






Dwarf Flowering Cherry

Prunus incisa ~ Kojo-no-ma

A much sought-after dwarf flowering cherry.

It has a lovely display of blush pink flower buds opening to almost white in March-April. Twisted branches give it an attractive outline all year round and it has excellent autumn colour.

Perfect in a pot on a patio or in the garden.

3 litre pot, approx height when sent 50cm


Magnolia Grandiflora

Beautiful evergreen tree with large boat like bright green leaves.

Huge, exquisite creamy white flowers with a wonderful lemon scent from mid-summer to early autumn.

Height & spread in 10 years

4m x3m






Camellia Japonica

The romantic camellia has shiny dark green evergreen leaves and beautiful flowers in great abundance from January to April.

Red, white or pink double flowers.




Exochorda macrantha "The Bride"

A mass of white flowers amid green leaves in summer.

Fully hardy.


Flowering Cherry - "Blushing Bride"

One of the loveliest of all the cherries.

A graceful spreading tree with delicate pink buds. These open to large double-white flowers which hang in clusters in summer. Green leaves turn a beautiful orange and red in Autumn.

Fully hardy, cherries like sun and most soils.

Height & spread in 10 years 3m x 3m

Height when sent 2.5 metres

Mulberry "King James I"

A special new cultivar with a compact shape. A self-fertile tree with beautiful bright green leaves bearing mulberries after six or seven years, this will save waiting twenty years for fruit.

Likes sun and well-drained soil.

Height and spread in 10 years 4m x 3m






Fruiting Quince

Cydonia oblonga, "Vranja"

A decorative tree with beautiful pale pink flowers in April and May, it bears beautiful large fragrant golden fruit in late summer.  Green leaves with downy underside turning a beautiful yellow in autumn.

Flowers feed beneficial insects and the fruit is relished by wildlife and birds in winter.

Romantic associations, a perfect wedding present.


Quince are self-fertile and long-lived. They prefer a warm site, in an orchard or as a specimen tree giving year-round interest. They like a moist soil and can be planted near water.



Damson 'Shropshire Prune'

Prunus damascena

A small reliable tree with white blossom in spring and small blue-black fruits in autumn.

An excellent fruit for cooking and jam making  or just eating off the tree.

Hardy, likes sun and most soils.

Suitable for a small garden.

Height and spread in 10 years 3m x 3m





Ficus carica"Brown Turkey"

Originating from Persia the Fig was brought to Britain by the Romans.

Long lived with large sculptured leaves, figs are one of the most delicious fruits.

Can be grown in a pot or against a sunny wall.

They do best in fairly poor stony soil to encourage fruit.

Height and spread in 10 years 3m x 2.5m




Mini Orchard

Plant your own orchard, fruit trees in a quincunx, a basic shape of 5 trees in a 6m x 6m area.

One at each corner with one in the middle. Beautiful blossom and fruit to come.

Underplant with bulbs such as bluebells or daffodils.



Apple 'Laxton Superb',

Pear 'Conference',

Cherry 'Stella'
Medlar 'Nottingham,
Damson 'Shropshire Prune'

Approx height when sent: 5 x 2m bare-rooted trees




Orange Calamondin

This miniature ornamental tree has evergreen foliage with white scented flowers and bears small oranges.




Needs protection in the winter months. Benefits from a special citrus feed. Comes with a care sheet.

Approx height when sent 40-50cms



Citrus Lemon

"La Valette"

This variety is crossed with a lime and gives a well-flavoured fruit, white scented flowers and glossy, evergreen leaves. A must for any conservatory or glasshouse.

Benefits from a special citrus feed.

Comes with a care sheet.

Approx height when sent 50cms





Bay Tree
Laurus nobilis

Evergreen tree with glossy, aromatic leaves grown as a Standard or small bush for the kitchen. Ideal in planters on either side of a door. Frost hardy, likes sun and moist soil. Prune in Autumn and Spring.



Box balls

English Grown Classic Box Ball. A mass of tiny leaves, comes clipped as a ball.