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Your Views &
Wedding Etiquette

You might be interested to read the following opinions on the tricky question of wedding etiquette, (and wedding lists in particular), they being often considered ‘mercenary and vulgar’! We were pleased therefore to read the following in The Times (Modern Times ~ Philip Howard). least we are giving the happy couple something they have chosen for themselves, getting the present to the convenient place and avoiding the newlyweds starting married life equipped with 15 toast racks or fish slices. But by all means buy your own present. The only bad wedding present manners is to turn up at the wedding carrying your (bulky and gaudily packaged) present. By delivering your last-minute present personally to the reception, you are ensuring that it or the label will be lost; and that the mother of the bride will have to spend the day after the wedding acting as a removal van.’

For top drawer etiquette read what Debrett's have to say!


A.P. (Godalming) writes: 'You are under no obligation to choose a gift from the list. However can you be sure that the unlisted item is wanted? Friends of mine, not well-off, invited guests to their wedding without supplying a list, and received no few than seven tankards.'

PA (Lindfield): 'In this day and age so may couples have already lived together and accumulated the requisites for their bottom drawer. Perhaps you had better grit your teeth and stick to the list. Then use your time more wisely by purchasing yourself a really super item to wear.'

And most important of all: your views - feedback from you during these early years has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic, and as the WGC is such a personal project this is particularly rewarding. Our jolly website has been in receipt of much praise, and the wedding list service itself a great success - as you can see from some satisfied clients comments below.


Happy WGC bride (London): 'Just wanted to let you know what a fantastic job Mhairi has done with designing our garden, we are really pleased with it and also, she has been very helpful as our knowledge of plants is zero at the moment!….. All our friends think it’s a fantastic idea and we have recommended your company to everyone!'


Happy WGC guest (Suffolk): 'Herewith our cheque for some roses to give our friends. Just wanted to say this is a brilliant idea – so much more fun to give flowers. Thank you.'


Happy WGC guest (Ireland): 'Wow, what a good idea – do you have designers in Ireland * I know lots of people who would just love your list, such a relief from the dreaded toaster!'

* note from WGC: 'we are working on it!'