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Medlar Tree

A Medlar resembles a small pear tree. It has large white flowers and fruit like giant rosehips. Big green leaves turn a gorgeous autumn gold, making it a delightful specimen tree with year-round interest. The fruit is an important source of food for birds and small animals in late winter.
Medlars are hardy, self-fertile and prefer a sunny spot. Suitable for a meduim to large garden.

Height & spread in 10 years 4m x 3m


Dwarf Cherry

A lovers charm. Flowering cherries are associated with love

& beauty. A delightful miniature tree with delicate blush pink blossom in early spring. Twisted branches give an attractive outline all year round.

Topiary Sheep        

Large Topiary Sheep packed with


640mm x 730mm x 210mm


Topiary Hare

Large Rabbit in a standing position, packed with Moss and planted with Box                860 x 410 x 250

Medium Rabbit In a running position, packed with Moss and planted with Box.                510 x 640 x 200


These doves will keep you company coo-ing sweet nothings to each other in their new home – and will soon reward your affection with babies! Whenever we put these on a gift list, guests plead to be allowed to give their friends a pair. So, definitely guaranteed to be super popular - having said that, (as with puppies and Christmas), doves are not just for weddings ,so please, if tempted have a good study of the following website first:


If you have a thing about pigs you will love these, and they won't destroy your flowerbeds by rootling, or bring mud into the kitchen on their little trotters. These piglets are life-sized, frost resistant and tough, made of resin bonded cast stone. There are three different models – sitting, snuffling and standing, height 10", length 20" and weight 12kg (26lbs).

Set Of Personalized Mugs

locally hand painted mugs. they come in a design to suit you and can be personalized with your wedding date.

Green man wall hanging