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Lots of Pots

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Beautiful pots are in essential in every garden, be they filled with pretty annuals, eye catching architectural plants or empty, being features in their own right. There are so many to choose from - here are some of our favourites.


These lovely terracotta pots come from the famous family-run Whichford pottery in Warwickshire. We have selected our personal favourites but, as with all our products, if you have a yen for something different just ask us. The pots featured have a ten-year frost proof guarantee (although in practice they will last longer). They look beautiful brimming with flowers but even empty they are attractive enough as a feature in their own right. Most of the styles come in a variety of sizes but as a guide, for when you are list making, we have chosen the middle size to quote a price for.


Wooden Planter

Handmade by local craftsmen in topiary green, grey-blue or white. Available in two sizes.


Capital Garden Pots

Whilst not normally in favour of imitation we were seriously impressed with these resin and fibreglass pots, that look amazingly like real lead (so much so that you need to lift one to be convinced). So be tempted, they are not expensive and there is a huge range. Beware though, you may become addicted and go for a water tank, a fountain or even sculpture! The white square container below looks just like wood but of course being fibreglass, it is lightweight, strong, durable and frost proof.