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Must Haves

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 Miniature Apple Tree

Miniature apples are the smallest varieties of apple.
Ideal in pots and containers. 5 year old potted trees bearing apples this year.

Disease resistant and chosen for good quality & high yields with abundant blossom.  

All are good pollinators with other varieties and make the bees happy.

James Grieve/Elstar apples are red flushed stripes over green. Reliable cropper with crisp juicy flavour.

Height & spread in 10 years 2m x 1.5m

Approx height when sent 1.5 metres

Flowering Quince

Flowering shrub with a profusion of scarlet red flowers in early spring, followed by small fragrant golden fruits.

Thrives best in a sunny position against a wall

Height & spread in 10 years 1.5m x1.5m

Approx height when sent 80cm.

Exochorda ~ The Bride

An arching shrub with pendant branches producing a mass of white flowers amid delicate green leaves in early summer.

A lovely wedding present and fully hardy.

It can be kept in a pot or planted out in the garden.

Height & spread in 10 years 1m x 1.5m.

Approx height & spread when sent 50 cm x  50cm.




Gardening CD-Rom

A CD-ROM packed with information about hundreds of plants. If you are creating our 'simple option' wedding garden gift list, this will really help.  You can find plants by name, or choose by colour, by month of flowering, location - sunny or shady, soil type, scent  or even those that are rabbit proof!  Once you have your new garden, it will help you to manage it throughout the year with information on pests, diseases, weeds, planting and pruning times. Every plant is illustrated by high quality photographs to help with identification.

Beehive Composter

This beehive composter, is so attractive that there's no need to hide it away at the bottom of the garden! Nestle it in amongst your vegetable patch or flower garden, anywhere you can add your waste conveniently and have your compost ready to use when you want it. A special door at the bottom that lets you harvest your compost easily and, if you want a whole batch of compost at once, the four sections simply lift apart. The design, made in sustainable, treated timber allows air to circulate, and is available in plain, white, blue or green plus special colours from Farrow & Ball, which are painted to order. Size: 615 x 615 x 950mm (approx 300 litres).

Large Stone Bird Bath