The Wedding Garden Company


Frequently Asked Questions


We are house-hunting at the moment so we haven’t got a garden but I really like this idea, we have been together for years and have already bought all the things we like and need for the home?

Answer: The wedding garden company has built-in flexibility about what plants your guests may give you. We would suggest that you make a list of your favourite trees and plants, that will give your friends and family an idea of what their presents could be- a tree, a rose or a garden of herbs for example. The gifts from your bespoke website, can be delivered on a date to suit you, once you have settled into your new home.



A new garden is just what we want (we have both been married before and already have two of everything) but there is so much to do that I am worried I won’t have the time to plant it up until ages after we are married and settled?

Answer: That’s fine: we can deliver the plants when you are ready.


This idea really appeals to me but I haven’t a clue what to ask for?

Answer: We can advise and guide you to help you choose trees, shrubs and plants you like. If we can see any garden images with the size, layout and aspect, we will be able to work with you to find which plants will be happiest there, and how your list would create a display that will best represent your wedding day and the gifts of lasting memories.


We are planning to move soon, so although we love this idea it seems rather a waste?

Answer: Your online gift list can be kept for you until you are ready to plant your new garden. If some gifts do not suit the new site we can change them for those that would be more suitable.


We are getting married in the winter. Would it be all right to have our garden gifts delivered then?

Answer: Most trees and shrubs are best planted from late autumn to early spring as they are generally dormant. Or you might prefer to wait until the ground has warmed up a bit and the spring is on its way. However, winter is an excellent time to dig new beds and plan your garden. Planning ahead we can normally deliver your wedding list when you and your garden are ready for them.