The Wedding Garden Company

Gift List Service

Making Weddings Blossom
The Wedding Garden Company

Gift List Service

Making Weddings Blossom

Our wedding gift list service includes:

Dedicated personal service

Wonderful garden gifts to choose from

Elegant cards to send to gifts

Friendly printed list for the non-technical great aunt

A simple website to navigate for friends

Something unique and memorable

Perfect idea for second marriages

Advice and guidance on planning your list

Service Packages

Simple List


This is for couples who are clear about what they need and can send us a list.

We take responsibility for liaising with guests in the usual way.

Advised List


If help is needed with compiling the list, we can discuss ideas and explore possibilities for your garden.

We will keep in mind what plants are already established, and the size, style and aspect of your garden or patio.

Designed List


This is for those who want a complete garden design, working together we can advise on images and details of the garden to be designed.

Or perhaps you have a designer on hand who can set up your wedding list. This planting list is the basis for your wedding list.

Create a new or refresh your existing garden

Perhaps you have a flower bed to design or woodland to fill with bluebells and trees, a field to plant, an orchard of fruit trees or simply, a paved courtyard in which to place a pot or two brimming with lavender or there are many other lovely plants to choose from. Whatever is wanted, we can build a wish list to match.


Choose plant & create an amazing gift list

Guests will be entranced by the thought of giving a beautiful rose, fragrant honeysuckle or a special tree or shrub. You will continue to enjoy these memories of your wedding for years to come as they grow and blossom.