Wedding Wish List

How Does It Work?

The Wedding Garden Company

A Little More About Us

A wedding wish list that consists of wonderful gifts for the garden.

We offer our couples the chance to create a wedding wish list that consists of wonderful gifts for the garden.
Our Wedding Garden Company was set up many years ago and we have had the pleasure of helping many to have a wedding list for their garden. We are happy to work on lists for big weddings, small weddings, celebrations or memorials. Trees, shrubs and plants make lives happier, help our environment and our wildlife.

The Perfect Wedding Gift

The Wedding Garden Company was created with the idea in mind of providing couples who are tying the knot with a green alternative to the usual ‘wedding gift list’. Our concept is all about creating an unusual and memorable gift list for a garden. Guests are able to purchase ahead of the big day, with items arriving on a date to suit you. 


How does it work?

Once you have created your Wedding Garden Wish List we will upload these wishes onto your own personal website. This will act as a shop whereby your guests can access this secure website online and purchase from the garden gifts that you have selected. Once an item has been purchased no other guests will be able to buy the same trees, shrubs and plants which ensures no confusion. In all, it’s a unique idea that allows guests to give you a memorable present that celebrates your happy day for years to come.